At some point in life everyone will experience an obstacle or challenge that seems overwhelming. Too often, people suffer in silence or misguided advise, not really knowing what to do to change their circumstance or solve their problems. People get ‘stuck’ viewing change as an unnecessarily terrifying and painful process that should be avoided. Part of Jim’s counselling process involves identifying that the avoidance or ‘running away’ from problems actually exacerbates them, creating depression, anxiety, and low-self esteem — the very symptoms they seek to cure. Jim helps people to face their challenges and gives them the ‘mental tools’ to do this! His approach works! Jim provides a safe, supportive, and authentic environment and helps you create a plan to take your life to another level.

Individual Counselling

Jim has helped hundreds of people overcome personal obstacles in the following areas:

  • depression
  • anxiety/fear
  • self esteem
  • grief/loss
  • anger management
  • people pleasing
  • emotional abuse for both women and men
  • indecisiveness
  • childhood trauma

Couple Counselling

He is ready to help you with his own empowering/dynamic approach towards relationship growth. He addresses:

  • conflict resolution
  • communication skills
  • mediation
  • strength & independence
  • separation & divorce