Recently Released: New Book by Jim Butler

Jim has dedicated his career to being an inspirational counsellor to help people face and overcome their challenges in creative ways. Part of this process involves helping people to realign their perceptions that are causing problems and pain. The process also involves teaching people to ask themselves quality questions. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. Jim’s intuitive ability enables him to dig to the root of peoples problems which offers tremendous insight and power. He gives people a step by step plan to resolve their current challenges and move on towards finding their passion and purpose in life. The avoidance of doing this work is often what causes stagnation, depression, and suffering in peoples lives.

Jim helps you resolve your current challenges and move on to finding your mission, passion, and purpose to help you live a very meaningful, inspired life.

Individual Counselling

  • depression
  • anxiety/fear
  • self esteem
  • grief/loss
  • anger management
  • people pleasing
  • emotional abuse
  • indecisiveness
  • childhood trauma

Couple Counselling

  • conflict resolution
  • communication skills
  • mediation
  • strength / independence
  • separation / divorce


“I will help you find the clarity, wisdom, strength and inspiration to overcome your challenges so you can go on to create success and happiness in your endeavours”


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